Do You Want To Make A Difference?

For the first time CAZHUMA TOURS is offering volunteer programs to foreign visitors who want to Travel+Volunteer. Learn how you can make a difference by joining one of our volunteer programs either helping a community or through ecological support. Perfect for all ages, you just have to want to be of service and make a difference. You will not only change their lives, they will change yours.

– Individuals – From high school students to retirees
– Groups – The perfect way to spend your summer vacation, before going to college or university

Change lives

Groups – High School Students study abroad
Summer volunteer programs for high school students 15-17. The HS Volunteer program is an incredible experience to volunteer with local people and make life-long friends in the process.

Ecuador – This unique program has been developed with the local provincial government to assist communities. Find out how you can help, at the same time learn Spanish by immersion, and experience the journey of a lifetime, while changing lives, including yours!

There are lots of cultural activities and supervised excursions to make this a fun experience also. Once you are immersed into the Latin American culture, you’ll quickly realize just how much you know and what you can share, often things we take for granted.

Many of the volunteers pitch in with bio-construction projects, other opportunities exist such as teaching English in local schools to computer training providing Internet access and sewing or cooking classes.

While all of this is going on, our volunteers are totally immersed in the Ecuadorian culture, and the Spanish language.


We recommend you speak with your personal doctor before traveling. In the Amazon Jungle Yellow Fever (optional, not required); Flu Shot (optional); Malaria: You do not need to take malaria medication to be in Quito, Cuenca or Guayaquil. Check with the Center for Disease Control (CDC)

If you are traveling to the jungle at the end of your volunteer service, you may want to take preventive malaria medicine, starting between 2 days and 2 weeks before you enter the jungle, depending on what type of medicine has been prescribed by your doctor. The risk of malaria while in the jungle is extremely small, even without the medicine.

The application fee is non-refundable. To process your application we must complete a background check, and conduct an interview to see whether you are suitable.

If you have paid a deposit and you cancel one week before traveling, 70% of the total amount is refundable.
You may choose to defer your volunteer program with us to another date, and all payments will be held until your new departure. Once you arrive in Ecuador, the program offers no refunds.

NOTE: If a volunteer is sent home for breaking any rules or code of conduct NO refunds will be given. Volunteers will be responsible for all fees associated with ticket changes and travel fees to leave early. If a volunteer chooses to leave the program early, the same applies.

Each volunteer fills out an Application to see if you are a good fit for the volunteering experience. Some knowledge of Spanish is required.
We can help you with private tuition in our Spanish school a few weeks before you start the volunteer program.

Not all communities have reliable Internet service, and when they do it is intermittent with low-bandwidth.
Almost every Ecuadorian meal will include rice. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also in abundance year round. For volunteers who are interested in trying some traditional food, there will be plenty of opportunities.
Most activities will be outdoors, such as hiking, playing sports and mountain biking is some areas. Bring a musical instrument if you play.