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Gaia is located 4 kilometers east of the town of Ahuano, between the Napo River and the road that goes Campanacocha. We can easily reach both the river by canoe and by vehicle.

The lodge overlooks the majestic Napo River and is surrounded by a forest of cacao trees. The privileged landscape of the jungle, the river, and the mountain offers our visitors a wide opportunity to enjoy the nuances of the rainforest from dawn to dusk.

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Location Map

GAIA Amazon Lodge Location Map


Bird Island
Walking tour of the ‘Island of Birds’ where you will observe various types of vegetation along the way. There will be a presentation on the various plants and their uses. You may also encounter birds like parakeets, Orioles, and partridges, depending on the time of day/year (1 – 3 hours approx.)
Visit ‘The Anaconda Island’ where many Kichwa families live. Here you will become familiar with their customs and traditions. You will have an opportunity to sample ’chicha’ (traditional beverage) and cassava, which is a basic feature of the Kwichwa diet. You will also learn about their traditional hunting methods and use of the blowgun. Upon entering the island, you will pass through the margins of a small swamp inhabited by ‘hoatzines’ (prehistoric birds) and caymans. (2-3 hours approx.)

Canoe trip along the rivers
This trip will introduce you to the natural environment surrounding Gaia, via motorized canoes along the rivers Napo and Arajuno. You will have an opportunity to enjoy the natural scenery, bird watching, and with a little luck, monkeys on the river banks. Swimming in the river is an option, depending on the weather. ( 2-3 hours approx.)

Tubing on the river
This fun, yet leisurely activity is enhanced by the natural setting of the rainforest. The sound and sight of birds and monkeys while floating down the river, make for a truly unique experience. ( 2 hours approx.)

Shaman’s cleansing ceremony
A Shaman or Witchdoctor is one of the most important figures within the indigenous communities. He is responsible for healing the sick, and protecting them from evil spirits and bad energy. This visit will consist of a spiritual cleansing to promote positive energies and ‘ward off evil spirits’. (1 hour approx.)

Trek across the primary Forest
This is a mountain hike across the primary forests—You will explore and observe many natural wonders including medicinal plants, insects, and animals. We will also visit ‘Ceibo’ the giant tree of the Amazon, ( 2-3 hours approx.)

White River waterfalls
This entails a 35-minute truck-ride to the community of Rio Blanco and a 30-minute walk from there to the magnificent waterfalls. You will have ample time to explore and swim in beautiful surroundings where it is common to find fossils and petrified wood. ( 3-4 hours approx.)

Artisan ceramic workshop
The art of ceramics is traditional in the Kichwa culture and has been passed down through the generations. You will visit a Kichwan family in the Ahuano village whose source of income is decorative pottery. They will share with you the process of making these beautiful handicrafts. (30 min. approx.)

Guided night Walk
With the aid of flashlights, you will discover the nocturnal world of the forest. You will encounter the symphony of nocturnal birds, colored frogs, insects of all kinds, as well as shrimp in the river, snakes, and many more indigenous creatures. (2 hours approx.)

Build your own raft
With the assistance of a guide, you will build rafts from logs and take them on the river. You will have the opportunity to relax, take in the scenery and even swim while navigating along the current. (3 hours approx.)

Artisanal chocolate production
This entails a visit to the cocoa trees surrounding Gaia Lodge, from which some of the choicest fruit is picked for chocolate production. You will be treated to a presentation on the artisan process of making chocolate, and also to the chocolate itself. (1 hour approx.)

Butterfly garden
Visit the butterfly garden, in the village of ‘Ahuano’. The garden is a controlled environment featuring an astounding array of plants and flowers and boasts approximately 25 native species of butterflies. There will be a presentation on the entire cycle of the butterfly metamorphosis. (1-2 hours approx.)

Hike to Río Blanco
This is a full-day walking excursion through forests in which you will encounter and visit indigenous communities. You will be presented with information on various topics including traditional uses of natural resources and medicinal plants. You will have the opportunity of closely observing many birds, insects, and animals along the way, and will visit the Río Blanco Waterfall. Box lunch provided.( 5-6 hours approx.)

Artisanal Balsa woodworking
Balsa wood is an important raw material for the Indian culture. It is widely used for making crafts and decorative figures. You will visit and watch a presentation by a local craftsman who shapes these figures from a single piece of trunk wood, after which he treats and decorates them for sale. (30 min. approx.)

Animal rescue center
‘Amazoonico’ is one of the most important and highly regarded conservation projects in the Amazon. The proceeds from visiting here support the maintenance and reintegration of the animals. Among the animals you will see here are, alligators, tapirs, ocelots, toucans, anacondas, macaws and monkeys of various species. ( 2-3 hours approx.)

Traditional fishing
Fishing is an important source of food for the families of this region. You will visit one of the beaches of Rio Napo where you will become familiar with the traditional form of fishing/ casting nets, and learn how to launch the ‘Atarraya’. (1 hour approx.)

Gold Panning
Gold panning in the rivers of the Amazon is a way of generating income for many local families. You will visit one of the beaches of Rio Napo where you will have an opportunity to watch and learn how to wash gold in wooden rafts. ( 1 hour approx.)

Bird watching
This activity takes place between 5:00 and 6:00 in the morning or afternoon on the ‘Isla de Los Pájaros’ Birds Island. Most of the native birds have their shelters and nesting places on this island, and it is at this time that the birds are waking up or returning for the night. (1-2 hours approx.)

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  • Island of Birds
  • The Anaconda Island
  • Napo and Arajuno Rivers
  • Spiritual Cleansing

  • ‘Ceibo’ the giant tree of the Amazon
  • Rio Blanco Community
  • Ahuano Village
  • Cocoa trees surrounding Gaia Lodge
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Río Blanco Waterfall
  • Animal rescue center


Rates 2D / 1N 3D / 2N 4D / 3N 5D / 4N 6D / 5N
Quadruple $93 $177 $261 $340 $421
Double/Triple $104 $197 $290 $378 $425
Single $125 $237 $348 $454 $562

All prices quoted are in $US (USD)
Prices listed may be subject to change

Tour Includes

  • Accommodations with private bathroom
  • 3 meals a day

  • Purified water, coffee or tea

  • Tours and activities with native guide
  • Activities and tours may be cancelled, replaced or modified by weather conditions or reasons of force majeure

Not Included

  • Transportation $35 from Quito each way
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Entrance to the Animal Rescue Center and the Butterfly Farm $4 USD pp
  • Anything not mentioned
  • Gratuities
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